Carin Yeghiazarian

Master's Student

Carin Yeghiazarian graduated from School of Engineering Practice and Technology from the Engineering Faculty of McMaster University with a degree in Automotive and Vehicle Technology. He is currently completing his Master in Applied Science degree from Mechanical Engineering department at the same University under the supervision of Dr. Ali Emadi. His primary interests are automotive engineering and biomechatronics engineering.

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Carin’s passion for engineering was evident at a young age and was actively encouraged by his parents. While most fathers were teaching their children how to play sports, Carin’s father would entertain him and his sister by teaching them how to assemble electrical circuit kits and to design/draft in AutoCAD. Carin was incredibly curious and wanted to know how everything around him worked, but it was clear that engineering dominated his interests. This enthusiasm drove him to McMaster University where he completed his undergraduate degree.

The School of Engineering Practice and Technology program at McMaster University exposed Carin to a variety of topics. In addition to automotive engineering, he received a strong education in mechanical, software, and mechatronics engineering. He discovered a second passion in robotics, particularly in relation to biomechatronics. His capstone project involved the development of an Arduino controlled prosthetic hand. The 3D printed prosthetic was designed and modeled with a unique focus on bio-mimicry of the natural mechanics of the human hand. The summer after his graduation in 2016 he joined Dr. John McPhee at the University of Waterloo where he worked as research engineer to help develop biomechanical solutions to various clienteles’ requests, including the Canadian Olympic Track Cycling team, Canadian Olympic Rowing Team and Canadian Paralympic Curling Team.

During his undergraduate training, Carin has had many learning opportunities. Throughout his broad co- op experiences, he has practiced as an engineering assistant at Rex Power Magnetics, focused on quality assurance at Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. as summer engineer, and developed equipment with several professors at McMaster University. He also enjoys teaching, and has been a TA for several different courses at McMaster University. Finally, Carin has been part of many different extra-curricular activities, ranging from sports to cultural to political, often giving him an opportunity to take on leadership roles in the community.

Carin is currently completing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering degree at McMaster University under the supervision of Dr. Ali Emadi.

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