Behzad Abdi

Ph.D. Student
Research Focus: Smart Traffic, Transportation Electrification, V2X, Artificial Intelligence
Industry Focus: Automotive Electrification, Smart Mobility;, Electric Mobility, ML & AI, Data Analysis

Behzad Abdi received his B.Sc. in electrical engineering and his M.Sc. in power systems, from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 2018 and 2021 respectively. During his master’s studies, he worked as a design engineer in a startup company, for a period of two years. In May 2022, Behzad joined McMaster University to pursue his Ph.D. in electrical engineering, under the supervision of Dr. Ali Emadi at the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre (MARC). His focus is on Smart Traffic and Transportation Electrification, specifically V2X applications. Behzad is also involved in MOBILITYCUBE (Cubic-McMaster) as a Program Assistant Manager. In this role, he plays an integral part in the team, working closely with the program manager, to ensure the success of various projects and initiatives.

Full Profile

Since his early childhood, Behzad has been fascinated by electronic devices and scientific books, eager to learn how they work. He even often dismantled household items in the process. This curiosity led him to pursue a higher education in electrical engineering, with a goal to be as influential as possible in the lives of others. 

As part of his B.Sc. thesis, Behzad designed and implemented a high voltage DC power supply with propagation delay in short circuit. This involved designing an LC ladder filter that could delay the propagation of short circuit current, protecting the DC power supply against surges. During his B.Sc. studies, Behzad was also part of the student union’s executive board for two years, which gave him the chance to reinforce his managerial and negotiation skills. 

For his master’s thesis, Behzad focused on condition monitoring of the DC-link capacitor in the Back-to-Back converter, using main transient parameters, combining reliability and power electronics. During his master’s, he composed a comprehensive instruction manual for power quality measurement, in Iran’s distribution system. It estimated the cost of low power quality and identified and fined liable customers. He then worked as a full-time design engineer in a knowledge enterprise, conducting challenging projects that merged fields like electrical, mechanical, and medical safety engineering. Behzad is proficient in microcontrollers and their peripherals, as well as C/C++/Python. He designed a UI and Controller for a dehydrator machine and created different circuits and PCBs for various purposes throughout his engineering career. 

Behzad moved to Canada and joined the McMaster Automotive Resource Center (MARC) in May 2022, as a Ph.D. student. There, he initiated his research on Smart Traffic and AI, and is currently leading the V2X project in the MOBILITYCUBE (Cubic-McMaster) program. Additionally, Behzad holds the position of Program Manager Assistant, where he provides comprehensive support to the Program Manager in coordinating and executing the MOBILITYCUBE program. Behzad is passionate about making a positive impact through his work, and he takes pride in contributing to the success of the programs he supports. 

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