Dikhsita Choudhary

Ph.D. Student
Research Focus: Thermal management of electrified traction systems
Industry Focus: Electrified Traction Systems;

Dikhsita Choudhary obtained her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Assam Engineering College, India (2013) and her master’s degree in fluids and thermal engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (2016). She worked as an engineer for Eaton Corporation in the Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence from 2016 to April 2022. Her penchant for learning and further research in the field of transportation electrification influenced her decision to join the Ph.D. program at McMaster University in May 2022. Dikhsita is currently working under the supervision of Dr. Ali Emadi, and her research area focuses on the development of high-speed motors. 

Full Profile

Dikhsita grew up in a quaint little town called Tezpur, in India. Her father, who is a professor of Agronomy Sciences, introduced her at a young age to how research and innovation can change communities for the better. Excelling at mathematics and sciences in school, Dikhsita opted to study mechanical engineering for her under-graduate degree. She decided to go for her post-graduate, soon after. As part of her graduate project, she worked on developing a thermal and fluid flow solver to be used by scientists at the Department of Atomic Energy, India.  

During her masters, the Eaton Corporation hired her as a thermal engineer. She worked on the thermal design and modelling of legacy Eaton circuit breakers, switchgears, smoke sensors, busbars, Cooper LED lights, etc., in collaboration with engineers from around the globe.  During this time, she also obtained certification for Design for Six-Sigma. Dikhsita later worked as a senior engineer with Eaton E-mobility Group, where she designed tests for the validation and verification of a traction inverter. During this time, she learned about Dr. Emadi’s research, and so she decided to join the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre (MARC) in the summer of 2022.  She hoped to hone her research skills on transportation electrification.  

At McMaster, in addition to her doctoral studies, Dikhsita is working on a project with Eaton on the development of high-speed permanent magnet machines. She is a teaching assistant with the department of mechanical engineering and loves being with undergraduate students. She dreams of teaching science and technology to young students, later in life.  

Apart from academics, Dikhsita is a trained Indian-classical singer and violinist, and even has a bachelor’s degree in this same area. She loves to sing and would love to be able to teach music, one day as well!. 

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