Dr. Jacques Carette

Associate Professor

Dr. Jacques Carette is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computing and Software. Educated in pure mathematics and computer science (B.Math. Waterloo ’90, M.Sc. Montréal ’92, and Ph.D. Université de Paris-Sud ’97), he worked for Maplesoft Inc. for 11 years as a software engineer, architect, and product development director. At Maplesoft, after successfully shifting the bulk of the development work from universities to the company, he led the development of Maple 6, which saw the largest foundational changes to Maple since its inception 20 years before. To further pursue the modernization of mathematical software, he joined McMaster in 2002. His research interests include symbolic computation, generative programming, mathematical modeling, and correct-by-construction software development. Last year, he was elected member of the IFIP Working Group 2.11 on Program Generation.

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