Jessica Petrunti

Communications & Research Coordinator

Jessica Petrunti received her B.A. degree in Communication Studies and Multimedia Design from McMaster University (2016) and post graduate certificate in Public Relations from Mohawk College (2017). In 2012, during her undergraduate studies, she began working at CERC@MARC aiding automotive engineering researchers in various research support and administrative tasks. During this time, she’s contributed to various communication initiatives for the Faculty of Engineering and provides project support to the IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification Journal administration. Currently, she has taken over the role of Communications Officer and Research Coordinator for the group.

Full Profile

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Jessica’s decision to attend McMaster University for her studies was an easy one, as it allowed her to stay close to her family and continue her work at the time for the City or Hamilton. During her first year at McMaster, Jessica decided to look for work within the university, realizing that it was the right time to start gaining experience in her field. In addition to her studies, she was heavily involved in campus culture–participating in various student activities, leading clubs and planning events, which ultimately fuelled her passion for marketing, project management and communications. Her determination and dedication to constantly learn and grow has brought her to where she is today. Working at CERC@MARC has given her an excellent opportunity to broaden her knowledge of business, working with highly professional and intelligent colleagues.

Jessica enjoys learning and soaking up new industry trends and developments, ultimately fuelling her desire to continuously improve and expand her knowledge. This is further demonstrated through her volunteer experiences with multiple associations and organizations in the Hamilton area such as, The International Association of Business Communicators and The Order Sons and Daughters of Italy. Her involvement in various boards have made her well practiced in managing multiple deadlines, projects and conflicting demands.

In her spare time Jessica loves to be in the kitchen cooking and baking up a storm or finding the next best restaurant in the city. She enjoys swimming and playing sports such as soccer, volleyball, baseball and pickle-ball. Finally, the arts have also been a very important aspect of Jessica’s life. She has always loved to paint and draw; however, she more recently developed an interest and an eye for digital media and graphic design. Only time can tell where Jessica’s career path will lead. It’s clear that the options are endless for this talented young woman.

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