Jessica Petrunti

Research Coordinator

Jessica Petrunti is an undergraduate student at McMaster University going into her third year of studies. Her current areas of study include business and multimedia communications. In April of 2012, she began working as a Clerical Assistant for the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain Program. Working in this position has allowed Jessica to develop her organizational, problem solving and time management skills. She has found these skills to be transferable to her as a student as well as an employee, and has utilized them to increase her organization and productivity outside of her office environment. She is extremely dedicated and passionate about her job, and hopes to continue to learn valuable skills and habits that will benefit her both personally and professionally.

Full Profile

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Jessica started her first job during the end of high school, working as a lifeguard and swimming instructor for the City of Hamilton. Her decision to attend McMaster University for her studies was an easy one, as it allowed her to stay close to her family and continue her work for the city. After her first year at McMaster, Jessica decided to look for work within the university, realizing that it was the right time to start gaining experience in her field.

Throughout her life, Jessica has always been an organized individual. In fact, striving to complete tasks efficiently and to the best of her ability has consistently been her main goal in school, as well as in business. Her determination and dedication to constantly learn and grow, has not only brought her to where she is today as a student, but also as an employee at McMaster University. Working for the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain Program has given her an excellent opportunity to broaden her knowledge of business, working with highly professional and intelligent colleagues.

Although being a student and part-time employee can be time-consuming, Jessica makes time for her hobbies. This year, not only did she play on a soccer team, but she also decided to coach a team. In her spare time Jessica loves to cook and bake, as they have always been hobbies that are close to her heart. She has learned a lot of what she knows from her grandmother and from religiously watching the Food Network. Finally, the arts have also been a very important aspect of Jessica’s life. She has always loved to paint and draw; however, she more recently developed an interest and an eye for digital media and graphic design. Only time can tell where Jessica’s career path will lead. It’s clear that the options are endless for this talented young woman.

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