Joel Roeleveld

Research Engineer

Joel Roeleveld received a Master’s of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University in 2015. He joined the McMaster Institute for Automotive Research and Technology (MacAUTO) as a master’s student at McMaster University in September 2013. Currently, Joel serves as an Electrified Powertrain Research Engineer within the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain Program. Joel has extensive experience with vehicle systems, system modeling and simulations, vehicle dynamics and chassis systems. Joel has worked as a strong leader on multiple extracurricular teams helping each team win awards and place well in competitions.

Full Profile

Joel started his pursuit of mechanical engineering in 2009 at McMaster University and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in April of 2013. Recently, he graduated with a Masters of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering in August 2015. His research and expertise include system modeling and simulation for electrified powertrains, hybrid architecture analysis, HIL testing of hybrid systems and system dynamics including noise and vibration.

Joel has been a founding member of extracurricular projects including the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 Team and McMaster Formula Hybrid. The time that Joel spent working on these teams has been invaluable to his development as an engineer. Each project offered him great experience developing a multidisciplinary understanding of electrified vehicle systems, from high voltage systems and internal combustion engines to chassis and suspension systems.

From the inception of the McMaster Formula Hybrid Team in the fall of 2011 with very few members, Joel stepped into a lead role as a suspension captain. Joel learned the required information quickly and taught new members to take over the responsibility of the suspension systems of the car. This allowed him to fill other rolls in the team including energy storage system wiring and to start the vehicle simulation team. The McMaster Formula Hybrid team was very successful by placing first in design from 2013-2015 as well as winning awards for GM Best Engineered Hybrid, and IEEE Engineering the Future.

Joel worked with a small team to complete the technical requirement of the EcoCAR3 proposal that was required for the competition selection process. Upon acceptance into the competition, Joel’s interest in simulations made him the perfect fit as the System Modeling and Simulation Lead for the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR3 Team. Joel used Matlab and Simulink to develop a tool that could quickly simulate multiple hybrid vehicle systems, over a variety of driving cycles in order to determine the best powertrain configuration for a high performance vehicle. The team was one of the most successful first year teams to ever enter an Advance Vehicle Technology Competition by finishing fifth place overall after year one of the competition in 2015. The simulation tool was very successful when Joel presented it at the year one competition and won the Mathworks Simulation and Modeling Award as well as third place for the System Modeling and Simulation Presentation and Demonstration.

Joel’s research with MacAUTO is in the field of electrified powertrains. This field continues to allow him to use and expand his skills in design, simulation, physical testing and verification. Joel believes that by providing the right powertrain topology, components, and implementation, the most powerful, fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles can be created. Joel is driven by the opportunity to learn more from his colleagues and continue to be an important team member of MacAUTO.

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