John Ramoul

Ph.D. Student

Ever since a young age, John always tried to understand his surroundings and how do “things” work. For example knowing how a guitar produces sound or how does an engine propel an automobile. This interest on trying to understand everything to the fundamentals is what sparked his choice on obtaining a B.Sc. in Physics. This gave him a firm understanding of many concepts which are used today for human lives. Although understanding of how “things” work was neat, but applying these concepts to real life was the real treat. This is the reason why a career path towards engineering was chosen. He has also been thankful for his dad’s electronic laboratory which was a big influence on the reason why he chose electrical engineering as a career.

During his undergrad, John had spent 3 summer internships at Safran Electronics Canada and was working with a team of engineers to develop and improve projects involved in power electronics. The projects involved motor control for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine and Digital Signal Processing using FPGA. These projects enhanced his interest in the field of power electronics due to the direct application of the theories he had learned in his physics program. It also sparked his interest in FPGA prototyping and design and wishes to continue his study on FPGA’s. He wishes to continue his education and career by obtaining a Masters degree in power electronics which will further his knowledge in this field. He wishes that one day, his designs will help the environment in a good manner and will greatly help human lifestyles.

On his spare time, John enjoys going out with friends and also staying healthy and going out for runs on a beautiful day. He enjoys cooking extravagant meals for his family and friends. He also enjoys sitting down and playing his guitars. There is nothing better than creating soulful, blues or jazz music after a long day of work!

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