Dr. Lucas Bruck

Principal Research Engineer
Research Focus: Driving Simulation, Human-centred Design, Energy Management, Functional Safety, and Vehicle Dynamics
Industry Focus: Automotive Electrification; Vehicle Dynamics

Lucas Bruck received his B.S. in mechanical engineering in 2014, from the UFSJ, Brazil. In 2018 he joined McMaster University as a M.Sc. student, and in 2022 he finished his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering.

Prior to his time at McMaster, Lucas worked in the automotive industry with vehicle dynamics assessment and the calibration of chassis systems, such as electronic stability control. His work was to ensure high standards of safety, handling, drivability, and comfort of new models. Lucas is currently Principal Research Engineer with the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre (MARC). His research on electrified powertrains and autonomous vehicles, leverages driving simulation to accelerate vehicle development, while promoting human-centred design.

Full Profile

Lucas’s passion for cars and engineering began early in his life, much because of his family’s influence. His father, an amateur kart racer, played a significant role in introducing him to the mechanical aspects of automotive design. During his childhood, kart testing sessions and competitions were frequent weekend activities, as were watching races on television and building various things in the yard. Throughout adolescence, physics and math classes were the last ingredients he needed to be sure he wanted to be an engineer. Although his father had taught him about vehicle design, his mother encouraged him to pursue his dreams and improve his knowledge, academically. 

During his undergraduate studies (from 2009 to 2014) in Brazil, he was part of the university’s Baja Racing Team. With his help, virtual simulation was introduced into the design of their prototype, which enhanced robustness and performance. With effort and dedication, they were the best rookie team in the 2010 national competition, and the team remains one of the 10 best Baja teams in Brazil, even today. 

After his undergraduate studies, Lucas joined the automotive industry. His role was to develop better solutions for suspension and steering systems, in a virtual environment. After that, he worked with experimental testing and validation of active chassis systems. His main activity was calibrating electronic stability control (ESC) functions in different conditions, ensuring functional safety, handling, and ride comfort. Aligning the knowledge gathered from virtual analysis and experimental testing, Lucas has also helped develop motion cueing algorithms for dynamic driving simulators.
In 2018, Lucas joined McMaster as a M.Sc. student, and in 2022 he finished his Ph.D. Over the course of those years, he had taken part in industry-sponsored projects such as the LEAP Project Laboratory, in collaboration with Stellantis, and the Mobility Cube with Cubic Transportation. Lucas is currently the Principal Research Engineer in the MARCdrive lab. His research leverages driving simulation to enhance vehicle dynamics, functional safety, and the energy consumption of electrified autonomous-capable vehicles.

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