Mina Naguib

Ph.D. Student
Research Focus: Battery Management Systems, Deep Learning for Battery SOx Algorithms, Battery Testing and Characterization
Industry Focus: Automotive Electrification

Mina Naguib received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Ain Shams University, Egypt, in 2013 and 2018 respectively. He has worked as a researcher and teaching assistant with the department of electrical and computer engineering at McMaster University, Canada, since Sept. 2019. His research focuses on battery management systems, deep learning, electrified powertrains, and active distribution systems. 

Full Profile

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Mina had found inspiration from engineering, even as a young child. His parents had always encouraged him to achieve his dreams, and so Mina worked hard to follow his passion. From his early school days, Mina has been able to achieve top marks among his classmates.  In 2008, Mina joined the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University, Egypt. He was the first member of his large family to join this faculty and become an engineer.  

During Mina’s undergraduate studies, he decided that he did not want to just become a regular engineer. He started reading, taking courses, and joining summer internships along the way. Throughout that time, he discovered a great interest in electrical systems, installations, and machines. In 2011, Mina joined the department of electrical power and machines at Ain Shams University. He was part of a team that designed a complete electrical system, designed for a big city with several types of loads. It was here that Mina graduated with honours at the top of his class.  

Later, Mina became a teacher’s assistant and researcher; in the same department he did his undergraduate studies. In 2014, he started his M.Sc. at Ain Shams University. During this time, he worked on developing an automated distribution system that helps improve the reliability of the electricity delivery to consumers. He investigated the impact of seasonal load profiles on the reliability of distribution systems, and he developed an automated system to improve it. In 2018, Mina finished his M.Sc. with excellent feedback from his committee members and examiners. 

In addition to working as a researcher, Mina decided to focus more on problem-solving skills and improve his technical engineering experience. He worked as a part-time engineer, responsible for designing electrical distribution systems for diverse types of loads. He also supervised the electrical installation of several projects such as data centers, restaurants, and hotels. 

Mina joined Dr. Ali Emadi’s group at the McMaster Automotive Resource Center (MARC) in Sept. 2019, as a Ph.D. student. Mina is currently working on everything related to lithium-ion batteries, including testing, state estimation, and management. His research is focused on battery management systems, deep learning, electrified powertrains, and active distribution systems. Apart from his studies and research, Mina is interested in hiking, fitness, and soccer. Mina’s dream is to build and drive his own electric vehicle. 

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