Mohamed Samy Hefny

Ph.D. Student
Research Focus: Thermal management of power electronics
Industry Focus: Aerospace Electrification; Automotive Electrification

Samy Hefny is a Ph.D. candidate of mechanical engineering at McMaster University. He got his B.Sc. in mechanical power engineering from Ain Shams University, Egypt in 2013. He received his M.Sc. from the same institution in 2019, for investigating the nanofluids effect on heat transfer enhancements through heat exchangers. His research interests focus on thermo-fluid aspects, like advanced techniques for power electronics cooling and heat transfer enhancement through heat exchangers. Samy is currently involved in more electric aircraft initiatives, at Eaton Aerospace.  

Full Profile

Samy has had an interest in sustainable energy solutions ever since he can remember. He was ecstatic to learn at a young age that he could eventually work towards creating new sustainable technology. However, it wasn’t until a bit later in life that he learned that it would be engineering that would give him the tools he needed to make a cleaner world.  While pursuing his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, Samy decided to take as many classes as he could that would increase his knowledge in topics related to current developments in energy and transportation.  

During his master’s journey, he learned how to apply accurate scientific research methodologies to investigate the effect of nanofluid enhancement on heat exchangers, using carbon nanotubes. Through the guidance of his supervisors, Samy learned not only the importance of creativity in engineering, but also that with the understanding of vehicle systems, comes great strides in innovation. 

In September 2019, Samy excitedly joined the McMaster Automotive Resource Center (MARC) under the co-supervision of Dr. Ali Emadi. At McMaster, he is working on thermal management techniques for power electronics in hybrid and electric vehicles, in the Thermal Management Research Laboratory (TMRL). He hopes to use his time at McMaster to continue to broaden his knowledge and improve his skills, so he can help the environment and advance sustainable technologies. 

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