Pengfei (Henry) Zheng

Ph.D. Student
Research Focus: Multiports DC/DC Converters for PV/FC HEVs
Industry Focus: Aerospace Electrification; Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) Aircraft

Pengfei (Henry) Zheng received a M.Eng. in electrical and power engineering from the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT), China, in 2019. He then joined the McMaster Automotive Resource Center (MARC) in September 2019 and is pursuing his Ph.D in electrical and computer engineering at McMaster University. His research interests include bidirectional/multiport DC/DC converters for solar/FC HEVs, and inverter design for aerospace applications. 

Full Profile

Pengfei discovered his interest in engineering, technology, and electronics at a very young age. After gaining inspiration from his parent’s support and encouragement, Pengfei decided to dive deeper into this field. 

During his undergraduate studies, Pengfei participated in the Science and Technology Club. It was there that he devoted his time and energy to pursuing the techniques and knowledge from making a multimeter, to building a drone. These opportunities taught him about circuits, components, design, and tests. Moreover, he learned the value of concentration, persistence, hard-work, patience, and cooperation. From 2016 to 2019, he was enrolled at CUMT as a master’s student. During these years, he joined a team to develop an EV controller for a motor company, where he gained a great deal of practical experience in industrial product design. Later, he led a team to build power supplies for mine cars, which created a solid foundation for his future studies. 

In 2019, Pengfei joined the McMaster Automotive Resource Center (MARC) as a Ph.D. student, under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Bauman. His research mainly focuses on bidirectional/multiport chargers for solar/FC HEVs and inverter design in aircraft applications. Working with knowledgeable engineers from MARC and Eaton teams, is a valuable and enjoyable experience for him.

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