Seyed Sobhan Kashfi

Master's Student

Seyed Sobhan Kashfi received his B.Sc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (Tehran, Iran) in July 2018. He has joined McMaster Automotive Resource Centre since January 2019. Sobhan is currently pursuing a Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Ali Emadi. His research interests include automotive engineering and the thermal management aspects of electrified powertrains.

Full Profile

Sobhan has always had a passion for investigation of the physics beyond phenomena. Due to his penchant for physics, he was encouraged to attend a national physics Olympiad in which he could gain knowledge of physics in different aspects. This competition required a high level of analytical skills as well as laboratory testing and design of experiments. After two years of extensive study and practice, he was awarded a silver medal in the competition. Sobhan was granted a merit-based acceptance to Sharif University of Technology which has the most renowned faculty of engineering in Iran.

During his four-year Mechanical Engineering program, he worked on several multidisciplinary projects and took part in two summer internships. During the last year of his program, he was working part-time in a project defined by “ National Elite’s Foundation “ which was “design and manufacturing of a novel high-precision nonmagnetic test rig for sensor calibration.” The project included various design, modeling, and manufacturing aspects as well as a high level of decision making to meet the timeline requirements. In his bachelor’s project, he was working on “ Estimation of state and bios parameters of the Gyro sensor for a micro-satellite using extended Kalman filter.” He graduated from Sharif University of Technology with a high grade which led to receiving a merit-based entrance to Master’s program in the same university.

Besides his engineering career, Sobhan has enjoyed being a high-school teacher for four years. He is proud of his students and feels happy when he observes his encouragement in their way of success. He was ambitious for teaching his students how to question everything and how to develop critical thinking in their life. He has been doing many extra-curricular activities in the university, such as managing social and industrial events. He also enjoys painting in his leisure time.

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