Dr. Sumedh Dhale

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Research Focus: Control and estimation of electric power converters and machine drives
Industry Focus: Electrified Traction Systems, Automotive Electrification, Aerospace Electrification, Electric Mobility, Energy Storage Systems, Electric Power Systems, Renewable Energy, and Grid Tied Power Electronics

Sumedh Dhale received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering in 2012 from the University of Pune, India, and M. Tech. in power electronics and drives from VIT University, Vellore, India in 2015. Soon after, he joined the renewable power conversion lab at GE global research, Bangalore. In 2017, Sumedh joined McMaster University to pursue his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering under the supervision of Dr. Ali Emadi at the McMaster Automotive Resource Center (MARC), where he is focussing on control and estimation of electric power converters and machine drives.

Full Profile

Sumedh’s passion for physics encouraged him to start learning and experimenting at an early age which consequently, took the form of a hobby. His interest in signal processing started to grow after building a simple radio circuit at the age of 14. A Morse code machine project at 8th standard, helped ignite his fascination with electromagnetism. During his 4 years of undergraduate studies, Sumedh developed many hobby projects involving microcontrollers, dc motors, and active filters. The most notable among them was a guitar note detection, using a single FIR linear phase filter. The idea of operating the filter at different sampling frequencies proved very effective in reducing the system’s complexity. At the beginning of his undergraduate studies, electrical machines and control systems quickly grabbed Sumedh’s attention, and he took great interest in studying these subjects. With this foundation, and its vast applications, power electronics subsequently became his subject of keen interest. Sumedh had an opportunity to undertake his final year degree project at Honeywell Automation India Ltd. His group developed a working scale model of a multilevel car parking system. Sumedh’s role was to interface the sensors and develop control logic for DC motors, using the Honeywell ML200 PLC.

During the two years of his master’s studies, Sumedh worked extensively on solar power management systems. He also investigated some practical challenges, such as the optimization of solar arrays, in a partially shaded field. His novel scheme resulted in an efficient reconfiguration strategy, with a higher power yield than the existing schemes.

Sumedh has experience in control design for grid-connected power converters and double-fed induction generators for renewable energy conversion systems. He is passionate about the theoretical development and application of different control and estimation techniques, and nonlinear optimization methods for motor drive applications.

Apart from his main area of research, Sumedh also enjoys discussing and teaching various concepts in control systems and signal processing.

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