Dr. Alan Callegaro

Senior Principal Research Engineer

Allan Callegaro received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering (2011) and M.Sc. in Power Electronics (2013), from Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)/ Power Electronics Institute (INEP), Brazil, and Ph.D. (2018) in electrical engineering from McMaster University with focus on power electronics and acoustic noise reduction of switched reluctance motor (SRMs). As a Senior Principal Research Engineer at the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre (MARC) where he leads two large industry sponsored projects with focus on design and control of the main electrical powertrain/propulsion components for the Automotive and Aerospace/eVTOL sectors.

Full Profile

Alan was born in Ijui/RS, located in south Brazil. His passion and curiosity about electricity began during his childhood and was amplified during his high school when he joined an Electro-technical vocational school to get further exposure and training in this amazing field.

Six months after Alan started his studies to become an electrical engineer in 2006 at UFSC, he joined the research lab INEP where he gained a deeper level of knowledge and hands-on experience in the power electronics field. That decision guided Alan’s academic life through pursuing his master’s degree and working in the research and development field until the present day.

For his master’s degree Alan worked with a three-phase, single-stage and isolated PFC rectifier based on Zeta converter operating in discontinuous conduction mode. The goal of the project was to design battery chargers and power supplies for telecommunication systems. After the theoretical analysis, he carried out the design and the prototype implementation, which is an activity that Alan truly enjoys.

He joined Dr. Emadi’s group in January 2015 (the coldest winter in the last 100 years, specially for someone coming from the Brazilian summer) as a PhD student, within the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Hybrid Powertrain Program, where he initiated his research work in power electronics applied to hybrid and electric vehicles powertrain. Alan’s research interests include, highly integrated power electronic systems, isolated DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters, motor control, and motor drives for electric vehicles and eVTOL (electrical Vertical Take-off and Landing) applications.

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